Daily Activity

Snack and Roll Call

CDC takes attendance and provides a healthy, allergen free snack every day. Please disclose all allergies and specific diet preferences of your child upon enrollment.

Homework Time

Students receive a minimum of half an hour homework time Monday-Thursday. We aim to help students develop positive study habits to help them be successful in the classroom. Students are encouraged, but not required, to complete their homework during the designated homework time; unless requested by parents. Students that choose to do homework at home must be respectful to others doing their homework. They can read, draw or free write in their journal quietly until the group transitions to the next part of the day.

Outside Time

Time outside to run and play is a focal point of our afterschool day. Teachers actively supervise free play and facilitate games that emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship. Whether kids are engaged with an organized game, having fun with arts and crafts on a nice day, or free play around the playscape, CREW kids are active outside.


Our teachers lead engaging activities that allow students to both explore new talents and build on known skills. Club activities are always age appropriate and well planned. Club activities include, but not limited to: sports, arts and crafts, painting, science and engineering, gym games, sewing, and cooking!

Student Lead Productions

Student driven CREW Projects allow our kids to make a difference in their community with meaningful service activities. CDC partners with other non-profit organizations to create significant learning opportunities for our students. Organizations CDC has partnered with included: Austin Pets Alive, Austin Children’s Shelter, Austin Zoo, Craft Hope, and Meals on Wheels just to name a few. Community Outreach Projects our CREW students have organized include: bake sales, coin drives, art auctions, craft projects and donation drives with more to come!

Other student driven projects our afterschool programs plan and implement throughout the school year include: theatre and film productions, music videos, seasonal carnivals, and sporting events. CREW Projects and Productions allow our students to take on leadership roles, work together, and build a sense of community to their school and afterschool program. There is something for everyone in CREW!